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    Hihi, minna-san! If you've found this page, it's either because I pointed you here from Myspace, or you're in my computer applications class! ^^ Well, yeah, you're now in Kimi's (or Mika's) world! Brace yourselves. :p
For Your Information...
    This isn't my own layout! Ugggh! *falls over* I found it at Day Dream Graphics. I wanted to use frames (it's just so much easier), but I liked this layout. A lot. It's purple-like. ^_^ For those of you that have been living under rocks, this layout features the lecherous kleptomaniac monk Miroku and the beautiful demon slayer Sango from the animanga InuYasha by Rumiko Takahashi. Yes, I am a Mirosan shipper. Hahahaha.

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    The song you are hearing now is Koi ni Ochitara, by Crystal Kay. I don't need to explain why I chose this song. ^_^ And if you need a laugh, this is Miroku's theme song (or one of them...). *in Sir Mix-a-Lot voice* BABY GOT BACK! Yes, you may proceed to throw items at me now. x.x If you MUST know why I chose that song, I was watching Kagami no Naka no Mugenjo (The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass) with my 9-year-old nephew, and he saw Miroku being all touchy-feely, and began singing "Baby Got Back" (along with my 16-year-old nephew and my 37-year-old sister...). I laughed, laughed, laughed. ^_^

    I WILL be making my own layout...soon... *to self* Yeah, right. Once I can scrounge up $125 for Paint Shop Pro, then we'll talk. The page was edited mostly with Max's HTML Beauty++ 2004, but a little with Notepad and Macromedia Dreamweaver. Oh, and to my professor: FrontPage is evil. That's why I don't own it (Also, it costs too much x.x).

    Miroku/Sango-- It's Tough Love.

    ^^ Yes. Yes, it is.
Exactly WHY Am I Here, Mika?
    This is a project for my Computer Applications class! No, I swear to God, it is. o___X I must be the only person who used HTML like this. I know a lot of people look at HTML and are all "Huh?" I want to get the hang of PHP, but dang it, every time I try that I mess up! AAAAHHH! X____X Oh well, there's always next year. It just occured to me that I might lose points for being so flashy. *flat* Noooooo. Also, my page is still as holey as a piece of Swiss cheese. ¬¬ OK, so enjoy yourselves! *doesn't see a whole lot of that happening* I'm still workin' on the guestbook (>>) so in the meantime,
    Mail Me!
    I can take e-mails in English and French. That's it. Just to be screwy, I may respond to a French e-mail in English.

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